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Sydney, Australia!

Planning a road trip just north of Sydney NSW in July, Any recommendations?

The image above shows the only day I spent in the north of new south wales, Australia. I’m going to be in Sydney for two months mid June to mid August. Seeing as it will be winter there and the weather won’t be the best, I’m hoping to head north for a few days searching for warmer weather. We’ll be driving so don’t really want to go more than 6 hours or so. Anyone have any advise for great places to go? Coastal or Inland, places to go hiking would be great, lakes, waterfalls ect. Thanks for any tips 😀

Books to Read While Traveling: The Beach by Alex Garland

the beach

I love this book! Every time I read it or even see the movie adaptation, I just wanted to throw everything aside and head off on another adventure. The Beach by Alex Garland follows a young man’s experience, travelling in Thailand. He comes across a crazy man in Bangkok who lets him in on a secret. A traveller community hidden away on a remote island, living the good life surrounding by incredible natural beauty. Though as it turns out it’s not quite all it’s cracked up to be.   Highly recommended read.