Colorado, USA

We arrived in Denver, Colorado also known as the mile high city after a day travelling and a stop over in New York. Quickly heading into the mountains to Evergreen for a few weeks living and working on a ranch in the heart of cowboy territory. Colorado RoadThe first thing that we had to adapt to in America was the food. Though it was all delicious, we struggled through every meal out due to everything being smothered in cheese, butter or oil. By the end of the six weeks we had settled into eating one meal a day, as this was all we could manage. Everywhere you go around the mountains of Colorado you see herds of Elk milling around. They are no longer scared of people or cars so simply stand in the middle of the road causing traffic.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADuring our visit we attended the Evergreen yearly rodeo the highlight of Cowboy tradition. I had mixed feelings about the day due to the cruel reality of many animals being injured for peoples entertainment. Despite the risk none of the animals on the day were hurt. The most incredible experience was witnessing the patriotism. Before the show began, an American flag was paraded round and the majority of the crowd stood up, hats off and placed a hand on their heart. The commentator then began a speech on how great it is to be an American before the national anthem was sung with many people welling up captured in the moment.