Year of travel 2011-2012

The greatest experience of my life so far was setting aside 1 year from September 2011 until September 2012 to do nothing but travel. I began by tentatively pushing the boat out, traveling solo to Barbados in the Caribbean where I worked, swam, surfed and relaxed in the laid back island lifestyle. Next I took a few short photography trips to cities in Europe including, London, Paris and Brussels. I then threw myself into the deep end solo once again getting on a 24 hour flight to Sydney, Australia. I perfected my feeble surf skills with intense lessons, worked on a building site in a remote town, volunteered at a wildlife reserve and finally travelled down through Victoria, South Australia, up to the Red Centre, Northern Territory, Queensland, down the coast and back to New South Wales on an epic cross country 4×4 road trip, meeting so many incredible likeminded people along the way. Nothing can beat setting off on an adventure alone with so many unexpected experiences to be had, the sense of self-fulfilment can’t even be described, I only wish it never had to end.